About Us

Our team includes 5 GPs, 4 GP/physician associates, one Nurse, 3 pharmacists, two phlebotomist, as well as the wider non-clinical team. We offer a full general practice service and run specialist clinics for children, young people, pregnant women, carers, over 65 year olds and people with long-term conditions.

At Manchester Medical, we aim to treat all our patients promptly, empathetically, courteously, and in complete confidence regardless of race, creed, gender or disability and in line of the GDPR we aim to keep your information secure

If you wish to speak privately to a member of the reception team please let them know.

We Care Differently

Continuity – We will strive to safeguard relational continuity of care.
Accessible – We will eliminate barriers to the care which we offer.
Resilient – We will ensure we employ a Mancunian approach to adversity.
Effective – We will ensure our services are safe and evidence based.

Dedicated – We will strive to improve the health outcomes for the people of Manchester.
Innovative – We will be early adopters of new methods and technologies that improve care.
Friendly – We will ensure we are there when our patients need us most.
Focused – We will ensure our services are streamlined and efficient.
Ethical – We will act in the best interests of our patients.
Respectful – We will ensure the dignity of our patients is respected.
Empathic – We will be compassionate with the concerns of our patients.
Non-Judgemental – We will ensure we are inclusive and intolerant of discrimination.
Trustworthy – We will place the utmost value on the fact that our patients chose us.
Leadership – We will lead best Practice where there is a void in the wider care system.
Yearnful – We will not settle on the status quo.