Teaching & Training

We are proud to be a training practice; helping a range of medical students, trainees and pharmacists gain experience in General Practice.

Maintaining a training practice status enhances the quality of medical care that we provide to our patients, as patients are able to experience a wide range of clinicians and benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by young clinicians.

Here are some examples of the many positive comments from clinicians who have trained with us:

This was my favourite GP placement in medical school. Dr. S was very encouraging and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. I believe all students should get the opportunity to have their own clinic, we only had 6 patients in a morning, as it gives them a glimpse of the career better than observing. It also provides a sense of being within the medical team.

This was a really good placement. Good mix of teaching, asked us what we’d like our tutorials on rather than just assuming we’d want them on the pbl topic of the week. Introduced us to aspects we might not cover otherwise such as death certificates & learning styles.

Really enjoyed my time at the practice. Friendly, approachable and helpful staff. Really enjoyed doing my own clinic and having responsibility regarding filling in patient notes, writing prescriptions etc.
This was an excellent placement. We had lots of opportunities to lead consultations and received constructive feedback throughout the placement. We were given appropriate tutorials and time to complete UPSAs. It was a very good placement.

This was such a lovely placement, all members of staff were so friendly and helpful. This has been my best GP placement, we really felt valued and we learnt so much! Thank you

This is a fantastic practice for medical students and deserves recognition. The practice actually takes time to accommodate students, setting them up with an EMIS account, ensuring that rooms are available and including blocks in surgery times for feedback. It’s a shame that other GP placements do not take as much interest or put as much effort into students learning than this one.

Could not speak more highly of this practice – by far the best placement I’ve been on. Given my own responsibilities and allowed to come up with my own management plans with as much support as I needed. I feel like this has prepared me for life as a doctor 10 times more than any other rotation I’ve been on.

This was one of the best placements I have had in medical school. Dr T gave me a level of independence and responsibility I have never had before whilst also making me feel supported. All the staff at the practice were wonderful and welcoming and always happy to help. I wish I could come back to this practice for my FY2.
More days in GP – Carry on with the same- really great placement!